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Custom Services
Custom Services

Custom Design of Microstrip Antennas

Custom Design & Production of Microstrip Antennas
Microstrip Array Antennas:5.8GHz -- 77GHz
For Commercial Radar, Communication & MW Sensors
Capability of Antenna Design
Typical Freq:24.15GHz
Beam width(-3dB): (E-Plane and H-Plane)4º~16º,21º,37º, 75º, 120º,or Customer-Specified
Sidelobe level ≤ -15dB
Types: Single, Twins, Monopulse and more
Polarization: Line or Circle
Driven Impedance 50 Ohm, or Customer-specified
For Typical 24GHz Application
Optimized Antenna's Array Design
Minimized Discontinuity of Feedlines
Smart Set of Design Software:
Simplest operation of parameter input
Fully automatic design of microwave structure
Design with performance simulation
Automatic layout of antenna PCB patterns
To success, the design-production circle needed generally only once
Offers simulation results within 24 hours
Supply period: 20-36 workdays
Production Capability
No essential restrictions.

For Custom Design Service, it would be better to contact us through the regular post mail first. After that, the loss of your internet Email or telephone-call could be avoided.