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R&D News
[R&D News:(2015.10.06)] The FTMW radars have achieved a progress for supervising vehicles with low-velocity below 2km/H.This makes FTMW radars more suitable to the application in the congested city traffic circumstance.
[R&D News:(2015.11.10)] Owing to the demand for the speed measurement of high-speed trains and sport-cars, FTMW offers an option to spand the speed measuement upper-limit of radars to 410km/H.
[R&D News:(2015.11.20)] The fundamental conditions and implementation techniques for adaptive control of road traffic lights have recently put into the final research report. The FTMW will dedicate itself to promote the practice of adaptive control of road traffic lights in the cities.
About Us

The high-tech corporation devoted itself to the R&D of commercial electronic technique and products.

FTMWT is a worker’s collective consisting of scientists and engineers as the mainstay, here everyone exhibits self-value through faithful labour by himself.

FTMWT is a paradise of technical creators and a homeland of faithful works. Devotion to duty, progress in study, friendship with others, and credibility-integrity, the common philosophy of the four connects the all works of the company together. They aim at creation of the commercial electronic products with independent intellectual property.